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Vitamin B12, B6, & Adenosine


Vitamin B12, B6, Adenosine, Choline, & Inositol

The Diet Shots have proven to make a world of difference not only in helping our patients lose weight effectively, but they also help them maintain weight.  Most of our patients that take the diet shots take them on a weekly basis.

Lipotropic injections have been used non-invasively to help patients to achieve generalized weight loss. These so called "fat-burner" Lipotropic injections can be done as frequently as once or twice a week. The basis of these injections is that Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin used by our body to create and boost energy. The Lipotropic are a combination of specific amino acids which are used in removing fat from the body via the liver metabolism processes. These injections help you to lose weight by (1. Boosting your energy and metabolism (so that you will burn off more fats and calories) and (2. increasing the removal of fat from the body). In summary, these are used (#1) to keep cholesterol more soluble, (#2) prevent accumulation of fats in the liver, (#3) metabolizes fats and cholesterol, (#4) aid in transporting fat in the blood steam and removal, (#5) thus enhance reduction of fat in the body; (#6) it also increases our average daily energy level and physical sense of well-being.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is important for the normal functioning of the nervous system and for the formation of blood. It is involved in the metabolism of most cells of the body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. Many medical conditions / illness / substance dependencies as well as normal aging can lead to a B12 deficiency.  It is most known of the B vitamins because of its chemically air-stable. It is the most widespread in the food industry. It is water soluble. It is used to treat anemia due to low intake of food. It is a key factor in normal function of the brain and nervous system and for the formation of blood.  It helps boost energy, protect the brain from aging atrophy and shrinkage, and balance melatonin rhythm to exposure to light in human, assisting with our sleep cycle.

Vitamin B6

Pyroxidine - or B6 - Pyroxidine is a vital part of enzyme system and very important to metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is also vital to the normal function of the nervous and immune systems. The essential amino acid tryptophan also depends on Pyroxidine for its utilization. Adequate amounts of riboflavin and niacin are required in the diet for Pyroxidine to be used nutritionally.


Adenosine promotes the body's mechanism for energy and metabolism. As ATP is used by body for energy, then the body replenishes the ATP from other nutrients, one which is fat. Burning fat requires ATP.


Choline & Inositol are natural co-enzymes required for the proper metabolism of fats, & have the ability to remove fat from the liver. Choline's function in fat metabolism is related to its role in bile production. Without Choline, fats can become trapped in the liver, where they can block normal metabolic functions leading to weight gain. Choline and Inositol are also necessary for normal nerve and brain function.

Choline assists in controlling your weight as well as cholesterol levels, keeping cell membranes healthy, and preventing gallstones. It is also most useful in the maintenance of the nervous system, assisting memory and learning, and may help to fight infections, including hepatitis and AIDS. Choline is critical for normal membrane structure and function. Choline is the major precursor of betaine, and it is used by the kidneys to maintain water balance and by the liver as a source of methyl-groups for methionine formation. It is also used to produce the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It assists in nerve impulse transmission, gallbladder regulation, liver functions and lecithin production. Choline is a fat emulsifier which aids in emulsifying cholesterol so that it does not settle on arterial walls. Choline works well with Inositol to utilize fats and cholesterol. The body can produce Choline, with the help of vitamin B12, folic acid and Methionine. Natural Choline production however, may not always be adequate to meet daily needs. Studies show that diets deficient in Choline lead to undesirable changes to liver, kidney and brain functions.


Inositol: helps to maintain proper electrical energy and nutrient transfer across the cell membrane. It also acts as a lipotropic, which converts fats into other useful products. Inositol helps, establish healthy cell membranes, which facilitate nerve impulses. Inositol metabolizes fats & cholesterol and aids in transporting fat in the blood system. Thus, Inositol is an aid in the redistribution of body fat and can help to lower cholesterol levels. It is a member of B-Complex group and is a lipotropic agent. A lack of Inositol has been shown to produce an accumulation of triglycerides in the liver.
















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