Statistically, the average person will have to exercise 5 HOURS PER WEEK to LOSE WEIGHT and 3 HOURS PER WEEK to MAINTAIN WEIGHT.  When exercising, implementing what we at Transformations refer to as the "TALK TEST" to ensure that the activity is of sufficient intensity is essential.  The "Talk Test" is a simple test anyone can use easily throughout their activities.  The "Talk Test" is making sure that you are unable to talk no more than 50% of the activity.  There is a difference between 'Being Active' and 'Exercise.'  The 'Talk Test' is an easy way to distinguish the two.  

    Remember our intention in our WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY is to lose BODY FAT.  We are not just trying to lose weight on a scale.  The combination of Strength Training (Weight Training) and Cardiovascular Activities have been proven to maximize results.  We do not want to lose muscle!  We want to build and preserve muscle to help with our Metabolism.  The more Muscle we have the faster our Metabolism will go, meaning the more calories our body will burn on it's own.  We do also want to incorporate activities that will help BURN FAT.  This is where the Cardiovascular Activities come into play to help burn fat and burn excess calories.  Remember in order to LOSE WEIGHT you have to burn more than you take in.   Let's not forget to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Try to find activities which you can fit into your daily routine. Anything that becomes part of your daily life, weaved into your existing lifestyle, is more likely to become a long-term habit. If you use an elevator, try getting off one or two floors before your destination and walking the rest. You could try the same when driving your car or taking any form of public transport - get off earlier and walk that bit more.
    If any of your regular shops are within walking distance, try leaving your car at home. Several surveys indicated that the majority of urban car trips outside the rush hours are less than a mile long - we can all walk a mile, and should!

    If you are very obese, are unfit, or have some health problems, make sure you check with a health care professional before increasing your physical activity. 

The more you move your body the more calories you burn. To lose a kilogram of fat you need to burn 8,000 calories (1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories). Walking briskly is a good way to start increasing your physical activity if you are obese. Combining increased physical activity with a good diet will significantly increase your chances of losing weight successfully and permanently!

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